Stella Artois Le Savoir

Stella Artois' goal was to become the beer synonymous with progressive dining experiences, so SIDLEE  helped them create their largest every proprietary experience platform called Le Savoir. The platform stretched from a series of global ticketed events, to social content, at-home hosting kits, and even an interactive music video made in collaboration with The Roots that used experimental psychology to change the flavors in a Stella Artois.

Categories:  Dining Experience Design Company: SIDLEE (NEW YORK)    

Role:  Experience Design Assistant ( Physical Prototyping,3D Modeling, Event installation assist)  

Team: Dofl Yoon (Creative Technologist) / Betel Solomon (Experiential Producer) / David Issac (Executive Producer)


Stimulate & spark the senses 

Enlisting the expertise of Bompas & Parr, Stella Artois will preview the Spring and Summer enchanting garden environment for an immersive culinary experience.