Woofly is a pet carrier that’s designed for your pet’s unique point of view. With interchangeable panels that are designed to address your pet’s specific travel anxieties - from toy organizers, to puzzle toys, to night lights, and an iPhone panel. Woofly has everything you need to keep your pet safe, secure, and feeling happy.


Categories:  Retail Experience Design, Branding, Industrial Design, UI/UX Design, Physical Prototyping, Product Strategy

Tools: Adobe Suite, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Sketch, Flinto, Sewing, CNC

Team: Ailun Sai, Michael Kenny

How can we create a better pet air travel experience?


People believe that flying with your pet doesn’t have to be painful. As a matter of fact, I thought it can be downright fun. That’s because Woofly have redesigned the pet travel experience from the ground up by focusing on your dog’s unique point of view.

woofly GIF1woofly GIF1

Multi-functional Side Panels

Simply attach the side panels that fit your dog’s needs. We have one for everybody.

woofly panelwoofly panel

Website Design

The best flying experience can also be found on the web. Check us out at woofly.com

woofly_imac2 psdwoofly_imac2 psd

What’s in store?

Fun, bold, modern graphics in a display that tells the Woofly story and clearly communicates our brand values.



We will create relationships with vets and offer free anxiety exams, so that veterinarians can prescribe the carrier that fits your dog’s needs.

dog lying behinddog lying behind
dog beachdog beach
woofly detailwoofly detail

Design Process